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Cabinet Greenhouses: The Indoor Plant Trend You Need to Try

by Nancy Roberts Realty LLC 09/05/2021

Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels

For every low-maintenance houseplant there are multiple plants with strict climate and lighting needs. Many houseplant enthusiasts use portable humidifiers and grow lights in order to help their favorite plants grow indoors. One trend that is becoming more popular both in the plant and design world is creating mini-greenhouses out of display cabinets. Here we’ll go over the basics of how to create your own as well as the benefits for having your very own tiny greenhouse in your home.

What You’ll Need to Create Your Own Cabinet Greenhouse

Display Cabinet - The most important part of this project is the furniture piece itself. The best cabinet choice for your mini greenhouse will have adjustable shelving and glass on at least three walls. The more glass (or plexiglass) there is, the more natural light can enter the environment—and the better you’ll be able to view your beautiful greenhouse residents.

Grow Lights - Grow lights are any lights or bulbs that give off a light spectrum close to that of the sun. This will allow you to mimic outdoor conditions, no matter how much light you get in your living space. Grow lights typically come with timers and switches for different levels of intensity depending on your plants’ specific needs. The best kind of grow light to get for your cabinet greenhouse are those that come in strips you can attach to the walls or edges of the cabinet with provided adhesive kits.

Insulation - Plant enthusiasts recommend adding weather stripping to your cabinet to increase the efficiency of your mini greenhouse. Because the cabinets are made for storing things like curios or other items that don’t require specific temperature and humidity control, there are tiny gaps between the walls and openings. Weather stripping will seal up the space and keep all of that warm, damp air on the inside where the plants need it.

Thermometer - To make sure your greenhouse environment is perfect, add a thermometer that also measures humidity. This will allow you to keep track of the exact conditions and adjust as needed for your choice of plants.

Humidifier - While not always needed, a miniature humidifier inside your greenhouse will ensure that you always have the proper amount of moisture whenever you need it. Many greenhouse cabinets rely only on the insulation and water in the soil (or misted on the leaves) to make the perfect ambient humidity. However, if you have an especially large cabinet or extremely picky plants, consider a humidifier just to have more control over the conditions inside.

Why Build a Cabinet Greenhouse?

Why go through the effort of building your own greenhouse out of a display cabinet? There are many benefits besides the joy of DIY. Here are two of the major benefits:

Perfect for Any Climate - The number of plants you can grow successfully indoors is already limited. Even outdoors, you might not have the plants of your dreams because of the climate where you live. By creating a cabinet greenhouse, you have a small, easily manageable and relatively inexpensive option for keeping all of your favorite plants alive and thriving—no matter where you live.

Protect Your Plants from Pets - Many houseplants are dangerous to pets. With your plants in a cabinet greenhouse, you’ll avoid your curious cats, dogs or other animals ingesting potentially harmful plant matter. Regardless of their toxicity, the plants will also be safe from damage when growing in your controlled environment.

Aesthetic Beauty - Houseplants are a well-known option for improving the decor of a room. A pristine cabinet full of lush greenery and lit perfectly by broad spectrum light can make a beautiful statement piece in any room. Even if you don’t build a cabinet greenhouse with aesthetics in mind, you might find that you simply love to look at it.

If you love plants and want a DIY solution to bring more delicate and demanding plants into your indoor space, a cabinet greenhouse might be right for you. Luckily, the trend has really taken off and inspiration is everywhere. Consider setting up a cabinet greenhouse in your home and see the benefits your own tiny tropical oasis can bring.